Habitat for Pollinators

Helping pollinators by building habitat along the Santa Monica creek trail in Carpinteria by replacing non-native invasive weeds with California native plants identified to help pollinators.

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Appreciation and gratitude for all those who have helped this project. Those named below have made a special effort to inspire and encourage the success of this project.

This project would not have been possible without the help and cooperation of the City of Carpinteria. Erin Maker, Enivironmental Project Manager, has been tremendously helpful. She walked me through the process, identifying the requirements so that verbal permission could be attained rather than legal permitting. Then she coordinated with other members of the Public Works Department to provide mulch over the first three years of the project. Then she provided a number of plants for the project. She then procured and provided plastic sheeting so that the beds to be planted could first be solarized to dramatically reduce weed abatement, without the use of herbicides. I want to express my deepest gratitude to Erin for her guidance and assistance. Many other members of the Public Works Department have also been very helpful. John Ilasin, Public Works Director, Robert Howard, Public Works Supervisor, all the individuals in the Public Works staff along with Matt Roberts, Parks & Recreation Director, have all provided assistance on the project in their roles in our local government. I feel privileged to live in the City of Carpinteria.

Yes Yes Nursery has provided the most plants for this project. Over the first two years they donated over $1,000 worth of plants. Then in the third year, once the GoFundMe was initiated, they provided another $1,400 worth of plants, at a 50% discount off their already low prices. Special thanks to Noey for these generous contributions.

S & S Seeds provided hundreds of dollars of seed in the first two years. Abe Nursery provided a dozen or so ceanothis plants. Ever-bloom Nursery paid for over 120 cubic yards of mulch. Carp Growers then paid for another 120 cubic yards of mulch. Peter Dugre was instrumental in organizing these donations. Marborg Industries provided another delivery of over 500 cubic yards of mulch, thanks to Brian Borgatello. Thanks to each of you for your contributions.

The GoFundMe has been quite successful, with a total of almost $1,500 in donations as of this writing, Aug. 28. Many have contributed. I am grateful to friends, family, and as yet unacquainted donors that have helped. The one that I must especially thank is Donna Grubisic. She has donated time and again and has provided the greatest funds for this project. In addition, she is providing plants for this planting season, fall 2020. Others have also offered seeds and plants.

I am hoping to acquire more donations via GoFundMe for upcoming plantings. I am also always looking for donations and discounts from nurseries. I am only using California native plants, thereby limiting the nurseries that I can solicit. If you're interested in helping, click on the donate button. Thank you!